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Boost Your Business Brand

Increase in brand value by implementing the Social Responsibilities at one.

Avoid Colossal Penalty

Cleave to country accessibility law-thus avoid colossal penalty.

Driven Sales Opportunities

On-time attention to the disabled makes the ambiance revenue-driven almost.

Our Amazing Features

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Keyword Navigation

User can address focus on any components of the website, so in turn disabled user can highlight the particular component which is easily visible.

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This feature enables immense Cursor and Reading Mode. With the help of immense cursor, the user can easily identify where the cursor is located. With the help of reading mode, the user can track the line position.

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Starring Links

This highlights all the anchor links to identify both the internal and external linkings on the website.


Ease of access for the Blind

With Accessibility Assistant, blind and visually impaired people have the ease of access to become more independent and integration with the Digital world, which replicates their daily lives.

Our guidelines enlighten the disabled in reducing their efforts with their daily tasks with little limited obstacles.

Accessibility Facilitator supports visually impaired and blind users have a more meaningful browsing experience on our website and likewise a stronger connection with you and your business.

As required by the law, when you cleave in detail to our site standards – the paramount benefit is to rejoice in driven ROI and surpass experience to immense end-user base.

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Ease of access for Visually impaired

Accessibility Assistant abetments the users that have vacillating degrees of visual impairment by aggrandizing their browsing experience to meet their medical needs and phenomenal taboos.

We succeed this by convalescent your website's support for keyboard-only navigation, as well as empowering users to autonomously increase the contrast of contents on your site, increasing the font size, swapping to amassed readable font facet, using a preponderant cursor, starring links, desiderating content (removing color from text and images) etc. based on their personal disability and propensity.

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Ease of access for Aged

Amidst the accessibility assistant plugin we help elderly users to swamp any senses that may have palliate or ramshackle over time by allowing them to reconcile the text size on your site, by kindling clickable

areas so they don't get lost among the other content, by increasing the size of the mouse pointer and by using higher contrast colors.

We execute all of this by virtue of an perceptive and easy-to-understand plugin that will be subdued to any users who don’t actually crave it.

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Ease of access for motility impaired

Stab your mouse for a couple of days and see what the empiricism is like navigating your company's site!

Accessibility assistant creates a simpler and more susceptible browsing experience for users with motility issues as well.

Millions of people candor mouse or other pointing device and reckon merely on their keyboard to helm websites.

All the keyboard's tab key, arrow keys, the enter key, and the spacebar should be evenly accessible to the motility impaired.

Accessibility assistant gizmo engenders smart modifications to elements on your site that we identify as potentially despotic or that may prevent keyboard-only navigation.

And we do it all without compelling you or your developers to make extravagant acclimations to your website's extant debase

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Ease of access for Contingent Disabilities

Have you ever had your neophytes expatriate for an eye checkup, only to vamoose to the doctor's clinic and find the cosmos sorely vivid and fuzzy? Or maybe you've found yourself impuissant to type the computer keyboard because you strained your wrist?

These scenarios just pretend like ephemeral vexations-Indeed a name -contingent disabilities.

Disabilities are either permanent or ongoing. Sometimes your encompassment or precedence can create a volatile disability or impairment.

Accessibility assistant benefits technology more accessible for everyone, no matter the situation or how long they conjecture to persevere.

Considering protem impairment, procure easy-to-use adaptations benefits more Indulgence and docility to accustom digital inventory to your needs.

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